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Clare without an i

"The name Clare evokes feelings of purity, consistency, and joy. Writing the name flows easily from the pen, save for the little break at the top of the 'r' that reminds you to keep going and end your mellifluent melody with an 'e' for a graceful finish." -Clare Din, 6/7/2019

"This is my name and I love it. I'm named after my mom's best friend. I love how unique it is without an 'i,' and I rarely find someone who spells it this way. Clare is the coolest name ever." -Anonymous User, 6/29/2006

"The name Clare is not frilly or flashy or trendy. It has a quiet femininity that speaks of grace and confidence. The name is soft and beautiful, but it contains power, too. A woman named Clare is likely to know her own mind and not be led astray." - cbrand, 11/24/2012

Famous Clares

  • Clare Balding - British broadcaster, journalist and author.
  • Clare Bowen - Austrailian actress known for her work in Nashville.
  • Clare Buckfield - American actress.
  • Clare Calbraith - English actress who has appeared in Home Fires, Downton Abbey, and The Shadow Line.
  • Clare Cady - Director and co-founder of College and University Food Bank Alliance.
  • Clare Carey - Rhodesian actress known for her work in Jericho and Aquarius.
  • Clare Cook - graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer.
  • Clare Cooney - American actor and filmmaker.
  • Clare Coulter - English actress known for Away from Her, When Night Is Falling, and Saint Monica.
  • Clare Crawley - American television personality who has appeared in The Bachelorette.
  • Clare Duffy - CNN Business writer
  • Clare Dunne - Irish actress known for her work in Kin.
  • Clare Mary Elizabeth Dunne - Irish actress who changed her name to Claire Dunne.
  • Clare Filipow - American actress of film and television.
  • Clare Foley - American actress known for Gotham, Sinister, and Win Win.
  • Clare Foran - Congressional reporter for CNN.
  • Clare Foster - English actress known for her work in Galavant and The Bill.
  • Clare Grant - American actress and co-founder of Team Unicorn.
  • Clare Grogan - Scottish actress and singer of the new wave group Altered Images.
  • Clare Higgins - English actress who has appeared in Hellraiser, Doctor Who, and Ready Player One.
  • Clare Holman - English actress who has appeared in Inspector Morse and Lewis.
  • Clare Huntington - Legal scholar of family law and author of Failure to Flourish
  • Clare Hymes - Associate producer of CBS Evening News
  • Clare Kelly - English actress known for The Cuckoo Waltz.
  • Clare Kilner - Director of The Wedding Date.
  • Clare Kirkconnell - American actress, model, and painter.
  • Clare Knight - Film editor for the Kung Fu Panda films.
  • Clare Knighton - Internet blogger.
  • Clare Kramer - American actress known for her work in Bring It On and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Clare Lyons - Professor of history, University of Maryland.
  • Clare Mackintosh - English author of the acclaimed crime novels, I Let You Go (2014) and I See You (2016).
  • Clare Maguire - English singer.
  • Clare McConnell - Canadian actress known for her work in Star Trek: Discovery.
  • Clare McNulty - American actress in Fort Tilden and Search Party.
  • Clare Munn - American producer of Professor Marston and the Women Women.
  • Clare Niederpruem - American actress known for Little Women.
  • Clare O'Kane - American actress.
  • Clare Pearce - Producer of The Rizen.
  • Clare Preuss - Canadian actress known for Mean Girls.
  • Clare Rosager - American actress known for her work in The Rain.
  • Clare Stone - Canadian actress of film and television.
  • Clare Torao - American actress known for Hawaii Five-O.
  • Clare Thomas - British actress who has appeared in Madeline, Young Dracula, and Holby City.
  • Clare Waight Keller - Givenchy's first female creative director.
  • Clare Wang - Professor for the Leeds School of Business.
  • Clare Wille - English actress of stage and television.
  • Clare Wren - American actress known for Steel and Lace.
  • Mary Clare Absalom - British actress of stage, film and television.
  • Sally Clare Kellerman - American actress known for her work in MASH and Back to School.
  • Clare of Assisi - Italian saint.

Famous Clares in Fiction

  • Clare in the Community - British comic strip starring a social worker named Clare Barker.
  • Clare - Fictional character of Norihiro Yagi's manga, Claymore.
  • Clare Abshire - Fictional character in the Audrey Niffenegger's novel, The Time Traveler's Wife.
  • Clare Arnold - Fictional character in the television series Beverly Hills 90210.
  • Clare Langtree - Fictional character in the television series Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Gan, My Chinese Name

A Chinese name can have a million meanings. Mine, as it was conveyed to me, means "the sky, the heavens, the universe." As tradition dictates, my grandfather gave me my Chinese name. He also added, "Clare will be the ruler of the universe." When you consider the universe to be inside you rather than something external and your goal is to conquer your mind so that you conquer everything within, you can see how my becoming a yoga teacher makes perfect sense!

My Chinese name is the character below. How do you pronounce Gan? It rhymes with the word "can" and sounds almost like "kan" like the music group Kon Kan.

Traditional and Modernized versions of Gan

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