Baby Clare, a baseball girl!


Clare without an i
"This is my name and I love it. I'm named after my mom's best friend. I love how unique it is without an i, and I rarely find someone who spells it this way. Clare is the coolest name ever." -Anonymous User, 6/29/2006

"To me, the name Clare is not frilly or flashy or trendy. It has a quiet femininity that speaks of grace and confidence. The name is soft and beautiful, but it contains power too. A woman named Clare is likely to know her own mind and not be led astray." - cbrand, 11/24/2012

This is an informational page I created on my research of the name Clare.

Famous Clares in Real-Life

  • Clare Balding - British broadcaster, journalist and author.
  • Clare Calbraith - English actress whose recent appearances include roles in the ITV period drama series Home Fires, Downton Abbey, and the BBC2 drama The Shadow Line.
  • Clare Cady - director and co-founder of College and University Food Bank Alliance.
  • Clare Cook - graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer.
  • Clare Coulter - English actress known for Away from Her, When Night Is Falling, and Saint Monica.
  • Clare Foley - American actress known for Gotham, Sinister, and Win Win.
  • Clare Grant - American actress best known for her appearance as Lissome Girl in Walk the Line.
  • Clare Grogan - Scottish actress and singer of the new wave group Altered Images.
  • Clare Higgins - English actress who has appeared in the Hellraiser series, Doctor Who, and many television shows.
  • Clare Holman - English actress who portrayed forensic pathologist Dr. Laura Hobson in the television series Inspector Morse and Lewis.
  • Clare Knighton - Internet blogger.
  • Clare Kramer - American actress best known for her starring role of Glory, the Big Bad of season 5 of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Clare Mackintosh - English author of the acclaimed crime novels, I Let You Go (2014) and I See You(2016).
  • Clare Maguire - English singer.
  • Clare Stone - Canadian actress of film and television.
  • Clare Thomas - British actress who has appeared in Madeline, Young Dracula, and Holby City.
  • Clare Waight Keller - Givenchy's first female creative director
  • Clare Wille - English actress of stage and television.
  • Mary Clare Absalom - British actress of stage, film and television.

Famous Clares in Fiction

  • Clare in the Community - British comic strip starring a social worker named Clare Barker.
  • Clare - fictional character of Norihiro Yagi's manga, Claymore.
  • Clare Abshire - fictional character in the sci-fi romantic novel by Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler's Wife.
  • Clare Arnold - fictional character played by Canadian actress Kathleen Robertson in the television series Beverly Hills 90210.
  • Clare Langtree - fictional character in the television series Power Rangers Mystic Force.

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