East Beach, Santa Barbara, CA


From her humble beginnings as a child working with her mother in a sweatshop in Manhattan's Chinatown, Clare went on to graduate from the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School and attain two master's degrees, one from Boston University and the second from the University of Pennsylvania. More recently, she completed fifteen courses at Penn School of Design, two courses at Penn Graduate School of Education, and several classes in sewing, knitting, needlepoint, jewelry making, cooking, yoga, aikido, and archery to add to her life skills. Born to be a yogini, she completed her yoga teacher training in California and advanced yoga teacher training in Spain and currently teaches at Blue Deer Yoga in Cherry Hill.

Clare has produced dance music under the name Gorgeous Girl for four MTV shows, including The Osbournes, MADE, Undressed, and Sausage Factory. She is also an author, web site designer, photographer, makeup artist, model, and foodie. She has extensive experience on both sides of the camera having studied under noted photographers Gabriel Martinez, Michael Bryant, and Tony Ward. She has worked with dozens of models over the years using her makeup and photography skills to capture their best faces for their portfolios. Her image has been captured by well-known photographers Peter Lien, Ross Bagley, Frank Siegel, Mikhail Veter, Mechelle Lavelle, Joe Longo, Chris Nichols, and Natalie Sharp.

Clare's recent, awesome vacations include Disney in 2013, Mt. Hood in 2014, cruises to the Bahamas in 2015 and in 2016, Malaga, Spain in 2017, a cruise to the Bahamas in 2019, and a visit to Kripalu in 2020. Clare also enjoys the unique spelling of her name and fond memories of her childhood.

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